Answering feedback questions

Feedback questions can be answered right after you end presenting. You can do it step-by-step the following way:

1. Present as usual

Start the presentation and present using the iPad / tablet as usual. The feedback questions will appear only after you end the presentation.

2. End the presentation

When you are done with presenting click “End” on the navigation screen. After you confirm “End session” the feedback questions will automatically appear on the following screen.

3. Answer feedback questions

You, as the presenter, can answer the questions yourself, or let the the client answer the questions. Answer the questions by checking in the circles, and leave notes in the comments field if you would like to add any additional remarks.

Click “Next” to finish and save the feedback questions. All questions must be answered before proceeding to this step.

Good to know

Feedback questions are currently available only for the iPad version of the Shaman App.

4. Send handout

After filling out the feedback questions, you will still have the chance to send a handout of your presentation to the client.

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