Updating presentations

Every time you open the Shaman App, it will check for updates. If a new version or a newly added presentation has been released, it will automatically download it to the device. Therefore, you need to make sure to regularly connect to the internet and let the app update!

Keep in mind
Your device regularly needs to be connected to a Wifi with access to the internet to let the updates properly take place.

When an update takes place, a dark update screen will appear and show the progress. Wait until the downloads are finished, then continue your work.

Good to know
On the iPad updated or new presentations are marked with a blue ribbon until the first time you open it. This helps you immediately identify the updated items.

Refresh button

Clicking the refresh button will start an immediate check for updates. Of course, this feature will work only if your device is connected to the internet.

This way you can easily check for updates and manually start them any time without closing and reopening the app to let the automatic update take place.

Simply, click the icon and let the app check for updates. If updates are available, new versions and content will automatically download.


Windows / Mac:

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