Shaman App provides valuable information to marketers by being able to capture meeting data and to sync it with the Cloud. When a presenter delivers a Shaman presentation this activity automatically syncs and appears in the statistics.

Synchronization is an automatic process, however, you need to make sure that certain conditions are met.

Your meeting doesn't sync? Or the statistics don't match?

Most probably some conditions were disrupted, which has caused the sync to stop. Check out the three points below and make sure they are met to enable proper syncing.

If you keep the following three aspects in mind, you can avoid the most common troubles with syncing meeting data.


1. End the presentation properly

When you end a presentation make sure to click the “End” button, as this function is not only responsible for ending the presentation, but also for saving your meeting progress. Meeting data will only be synced from the App to the Cloud if the “End” button is clicked at the end of a presentation.

Keep in mind!
Closing the Shaman App without clicking “End” is not enough to save your progress. In this case, the meeting data won’t be synced, and the statistics will show false information as if you haven’t even presented during the meeting.


2. Connect to the internet

In order to let the data properly sync form the Shaman App to Cloud, your device should be connected to the internet, and the Shaman App needs to be active at some time to let the sync start.

Do you work offline?
If you regularly work offline and want to make sure the App properly syncs, just connect to the internet with your device and hit the “Refresh” button. This will make sure that all the meeting data that you were working on while offline which are stored in the App will sync with the Cloud.

3. Avoid deleting and reinstalling the Shaman App

If the sync was interrupted, make sure to first check the points mentioned. Trying to fix the issue by deleting and reinstalling the Shaman App is not advised, because when you delete the App all the unsynced data will be permanently deleted.

Keep in mind!
Try to avoid deleting and reinstalling the application, as it might lead to data loss!

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