Presenting with multiple iPads

Local Screen Share is a feature for iPads that allows you to present on multiple devices at the same time. This feature is especially useful if you have to present to a group of people. Just give an iPad to your clients, they will be able to follow the presentation on the device that you have handed over to them.

Present online or offline

You don’t necessarily need to have an internet connection to present with Screen Share. The connection can be established via Bluetooth as well. Since it’s often difficult to set up an internet connection when presenting out of the office, that is a great benefit.

How many iPads can I connect?
If you establish a connection via Bluetooth, the number of iPads that can connect is limited to 5 to 7 devices. However, using Wifi with an active internet connection enables you to connect even more iPads.

Setting up Screen Local Share

1. Prepare

Prepare upfront to the meeting by installing the Shaman App on several iPads, log in, or update if necessary. Before connecting the devices, put the iPads on a table and make sure the Shaman App is open at the overview page.

Make sure that local network permission is enabled within your Shaman app.

To check this you:

  • Scroll until the end of the left-hand menu

  • Select Shaman

  • Enable the Local Network toggle as per the image below:

Don’t want to show the overview of presentations to your clients? Use the Client Lock Screen to disable showing the presentation overview in the Shaman App. Click here to find out more!

Make sure all the devices are connected to the Wifi, or if you want to establish a connection via Bluetooth, make sure to disable Wifi and to turn on Bluetooth.

2. Start Screen Share

Long tap on the presentation you want to share to open the menu options, then select “Screen Share”.

Your iPad will start searching for other iPads to connect with. This takes about 30-60 seconds because the iPad also compares the versions of the presentations.

All iPads that are ready to work with screen share will appear in a list. “Ok” means that iPad contains the right version of the presentation, “Update” means there is a difference. In this case, be aware that the presentation might slightly differ from the one you are seeing.

When all iPads are ready, press ‘Start’ at the upper right corner.

3. Present

The iPad you are holding is in charge, so with screen share, you decide what your clients see. Swipe to the right, scroll down or go backward, the connected iPads will follow the way you navigate.

However, to ensure a professional meeting experience, the connected iPads don’t show navigation hints (like arrows or chapter names) and the navigation screen itself. When you go to the navigation screen to search for a slide, all other iPads will remain in the presentation made and display the last shown slide.

4. End

When you are finished presenting, go back to the navigation screen (long-tap with two fingers) and click “End” at the upper right corner. The session and meeting data is automatically saved. Afterward, you can send a handout as usual.


How to fix a failing connection?

You might lose connection when you connect iPads via Bluetooth, but with Shaman you can reconnect instantly. Go back to the navigation screen and press ‘Reconnect’ at the upper left corner. Screen share will start searching again for iPads to establish a connection.

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