The Client Lock Screen

This feature was developed as an add-on to the Screen Share for iPads.

When you present with Screen Share, it is inevitable to hand over an iPad to your clients with the presentation overview of the Shaman App open on the screen. Although, in certain situations, you might not want to display all your content to a group of clients.

The Client Lock Screen offers a solution to disable showing the presentation overview of the Shaman App. A neutral slide (previously preset by the administrator) will be displayed, while the App stays active and connects to the presenter device.

Click here to find out more about administrator options.

Setting up the Client Lock Screen

Before your meeting, take all the iPads that you will hand over to clients. Open and log in to the Shaman App.  When the presentation overview appears, click the Client Lock Screen icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

The preset slide will appear, while the App stays active. Now, you can hand over the iPads to your clients and start Screen Share.


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