Navigation is the Shaman App is designed to be flexible and easy, making the presentation interactive and allowing the user to gain quick access to any slide they might need during the meeting.

Shaman’s grid-like structure is the perfect way to add hierarchy to your presentation. The slides that go from left to right are the “main storyline“. Underneath the main storyline, you can add slides to go deeper into the matter. Such a column we call a chapter.

Does your prospect have any questions, or does he or she need a little more convincing? Swipe down to go deeper into that specific subject. If that is not the case, you can skip the rest of the chapter and continue to the next one.

Thanks to this grid you are in full control of your meeting. You only need to discuss relevant topics and are able to navigate quickly through all available slides.


Basic navigation gestures



You can swipe to the left or right, up or down. This way you can navigate through the slides by moving along the main storyline and going more into detail.


Double tapping on the screen will take you one step back in the slide history. The App memorizes the slides you have viewed automatically. You can go back up to the 5 last slides you viewed.

Hold two fingers on the screen

This will take you back to the navigation view, which shows an overview of the slides of the presentation. You can also see the elapsed time and end the presentation from this view.

Long tap on the screen with one finger

This gesture enables a few actions to take on the screen. You can go back to home-slide, navigate to the top of the chapter, or leave annotations on the slide itself.

Windows / Mac:

Click the navigation arrows

Navigate through the presentation by clicking the arrows pointing to the left and right to move along the main storyline. When a more detailed slide is arranged below the main ones, a down arrow will appear that you can click to gain access to it.

Click the slides overview icon

The navigation screen shows an overview of the structure of the presentation and tells you where different slides are located. In this view, you can end the session by clicking the „End” button at the upper right corner of the screen.

Click the home icon

Every presentation has a home slide that you can reach by clicking the home icon at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Presentations can contain links that take you directly to a different slide, an external website, or to another presentation. Just tap or click the link element and the setup destination will appear in a second.

This can be very useful if you immediately need access to a specific part of the content, for example, a slide containing product specifications, the corporate website or an attached document.


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