Speaker Notes on iPad

Speaker notes on the iPad can be made visible easily, although slightly differently in the presentation and preparation modes.

In the navigation overview the slides containing speaker notes are always marked to remind the user about the information attached.

Presentation mode

Navigate to a slide including speaker notes, then long tap on the screen to open the menu. Select the speaker notes icon (the one with the conversation bubble).

The notes will appear in a text box. After reading, you can close the notes by clicking the cross ‘X’ at the upper right corner.

Preparation mode

If you are in preparation mode, the speaker notes should appear automatically as you navigate to a slide where notes were added. When no longer needed, the box can be closed by clicking the ‘X’ button.

If the notes were closed, you can easily re-open it clicking the speaker notes icon at the upper right corner of the screen.


Speaker Notes on Windows or Mac devices

With a Windows or Mac device the speaker notes can be made visible the same way in the presentation and preparation modes. Slides containing speaker notes are marked in the navigation view similarly.

As you navigation to the slide that contains a note, the speaker notes button will automatically appear on the left side. Clicking this button will open a text box including the speaker notes.

If you want to close the notes click the same button again.

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