In some cases, you might want to start a remote meeting immediately - without scheduling and sending a link in advance. Maybe you are already talking with the client on the phone, and you like to show some content. In that case, you can quick-start a remote meeting.

Start New meeting

From the homepage of ShamanCloud click “Meetings” in the left menu. On the top of the page, click the button “Start new”.

Now you can select the presentation that you would like to use for the meeting.

After this, the presentation settings will appear. Make changes audio (eg when you are on the phone you disable audio) and video.

Below on this page, you find the meeting code and the complete url. What does the participant need to do when you want to share the meeting code vocally?

How customers can join manually with meeting code

  • Go to a supported browser, eg Chrome on Windows or Safari on iPad/iPhone

  • Go to the company meeting page, which is:<your company name>. For example (a space in your name will become a hyphen "-")

  • Now the customer sees a welcome page

  • The customer can add the meeting code to join

Start the meeting

Click on “Start” when you are ready to start your presentation. Now the participants can join.

Allow access to your microphone and camera
If you have Shaman audio and video-enabled, your browser will request access to your microphone and camera. You need to allow this in order for Shaman audio/video to work.

Access to the meeting link (and meeting code)

During the meeting, you have direct access to the meeting link, in case you want to invite other people. Just scroll down and below the navigation bar, you will see them. The last digits after the company name/ in the URL are the meeting code.

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