When you have started the remote meeting, participants can join the meeting. Since you are in a 'virtual meeting room', the participants will join that room. There are two options:

  • Join with the meeting link

  • Join with the meeting code only

The easiest way to join the meeting room is to click a meeting link. To obtain a meeting link, you should schedule the meeting in advance. At the end of this process, a link is generated that you can share with the participant. If you need to retrieve the link later, go back to your meeting overview in ShamanCloud, find your meeting, and click the blue clipboard icon to copy the link. This meeting link should look like this: https://www.meeting.direct/account/xyzw

The participant receives the link and clicks it. When the link is opened, the participant enters his or her name and after that the presentation starts to download and you are ready to start.

Join with the meeting code only

You can also quick-start the meeting, for example when you are already on the phone and want to support the joining process by phone. In this case, you will share the meeting code only, as it is easier verbally. Just before you start the meeting, you will see all the meeting details, including the meeting code.

Then ask your participant to do the following:

  • Go to a supported browser, eg Chrome on Windows or Safari on iPad/iPhone

  • Go to the company meeting page, which is: https://meeting.direct/<your company name>. For example https://meeting.direct/acme-company (a space in your name will become a hyphen "-")

  • Now the customer sees a welcome page

  • The customer can add the meeting code to join


What if the participants use a device or browser that is not supported?

When the participant uses a browser or device that is not supported by Shaman Remote, he will not be able to join the session.

This can happen when:

  • the participant uses an unsupported browser like Internet explorer > we suggest to use Chrome or Safari

  • the device operating system needs to be updated > we suggest to use another device, updating will take too long

Please review the list of supported devices and browsers.

What happens when the participant enters the meeting room?

First the participant will be prompted to enter his or her name. This name is visible to all participants during the call.

Secondly, the participant will be prompted to allow audio and video (if you have Shaman audio or video-enabled)

How can the viewer end the remote meeting?

The viewer can end the presentation and leave any time during the presentation by closing the browser or tab where the presentation is open. This action does not affect the other participants.

The presenter can also end the session. In that case the following page appears on the screen of the viewers.

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