Personalized Meetings

Personalized Meeting is a Shaman feature that allows you to present user-specific content in a secure and simple way.

Sometimes a meeting requires you to prepare content that is fully customized to the needs of one client. This sort of content might include sensitive data that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone else except the client.

How to personalize presentations and keep data private at the same time? Personalized Meetings serve as a tool to solve this issue.


In a Personalized Meeting you can upload personalized content, and flexibly combine it with other existing presentations that you use for other meetings.


The personalized content will be available only to you for the duration of the meeting. Optionally you can grant access to user groups as well.

Online or in person

The meeting itself can be held either in person or online. When you present in person the content appears on your iPad / tablet, while an online meeting can be conducted remotely and your client will see the content via an internet browser.

Used one-time

The personalized content is meant only for one-time use. This means that once you end the meeting the user-specific content will appear form the Shaman platform, while the general content remains.

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