The personalize feature

Personalized meetings can be created using the “Personalize” feature in Shaman Cloud. After logging in, you can enter this feature by clicking on the button on the left side menu.

In the overview you can see the scheduled upcoming meetings, and the history of previous meetings. Click “Create new” to create a new personalized meeting.

In the next window, you can enter the details of the meeting and upload your content.


1. Add meeting information

Name, Date & Time

Give a name to your meeting and enter the date and time when the meeting will take place. This information will appear both in the meeting overview and in the Shaman App.

Share access personal content

Enable this option if you would like to share the personalized content with a group of other users. You can add the groups by starting to type in the group names in the field.

You need to decide whether the personal meeting will be conducted in person or online.

Keep in mind!
If you select “Yes” and create an online meeting link, the personalized meeting will only be available online. Just like an online meeting, you will be able to present you content by sharing a link with the client – the presentation won’t appear in the Shaman App itself.

If you select “No”, you will be able to present the content from your iPad or tablet when you meet the client in person.


You can leave notes in the “Remark” field, which will be visible when you return to these settings to edit the personalized meetings.

2. Add meeting content

Upload meeting specific content

The content that is specific only to this meeting has to be uploaded directly from your computer. After the meeting this content won’t be available anymore in Shaman.

Click “Upload”, then click “Browse” to upload or drag & drop the file you would like to add. Once the files are uploaded, click on “Add” and wait until the content is getting converted.

After the converting is finished, you will be able to click “Edit” on the presentation to arrange the slides and to add a more content to it. When finished, click on the “Back” icon to return to the previous page.

Add existing presentations

Besides the personal content, you can add other presentations that already exist in Shaman and have been published to you.

Click on the “plus” sign, check in the presentations you will need during the meeting and click “Add”.

3. Click “Create”

Create the meeting after you are finished with uploading and adding content. You meeting will be added to list of personalized meetings in the overview, and in case you present offline it will be automatically synced with the iPad.

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