How to spot a personalized meeting on iPad?

Personalized presentations look different in the Shaman App than general presentations. In the presentation overview you can easily spot personalized presentations by the green banner on top of the presentation thumb presenting the date and the time scheduled for the meeting.

Good to know
The personalized presentations feature is currently available only on iPads – or online meeting in Shaman Cloud.


What to do if the personalized presentation is not available?

Shaman App automatically updates every time you open the application on the iPad or tablet. However, it might happen that the presentation does not appear immediately.

If you cannot find the presentation in the Shaman App, do an update manually by tapping the ”Update” icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

After the update the personalized presentation should load in.


How to present step-by-step?

The menu options work the same way as the options of a non-personalized presentation. Enter the prepare mode, share the screen or send handouts. You can open the menu by a long tap on the presentation thumb.

1. Start presenting

Select “Present” from the menu options. The presentation is now started, you can navigate through the slides as usually.

2. Navigate

Navigate through the presentation slides just like you usually do. Swipe to the left or right, up or down. Open the navigation screen to switch to the linked presentations or to add new ones.

3. End the presentation

Once the meeting has been finished, end the presentation by clicking “End” in the navigation screen. Personalized meetings are usually ended as “End and remove”, but you will see three options to select from.

Cancel if you don’t want to end, but continue the presentation. End without saving, if you don’t want to save your meeting progress and you want to keep the personalized content for later. End and remove, if you want to save your progress and remove the personalized data from the App.

3. Send a handout

After ending the presentation, you can send an online or PDF handout. Select which presentations and slides you want to include (viewed slides, main story-line or all slides). Click ”Share” and send the handout.

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