Shaman is available from anywhere - providing you have an internet connection. Just open your browser (we advice: Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and go to ShamanCloud!

1. Go to ShamanCloud

To reach the general ShamanCloud login page, go to:

Tip: you also go directly to the inlog page of your own Shaman account. This url has the format like: If your account name has a space, replace the space with a hyphen "-" in the url.

Don't know your account name? Read more how to find it here.

2. Enter your Username & Password

Enter your (business) email address, password and account name to the designated fields and click 'sign in'.

First time?

Before your first login, Shaman sends you a welcome email containing your account name and a link that you can use to set up your own password.

Can't find the welcome email?
Make sure to check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the welcome email (subject line: 'Welcome to Shaman') please, contact the Shaman Administrator in your company who can help you further.

Forgot password?

Click forgot password below 'Sign in' to receive an email with instructions to reset your e-mail. Read more.

The sign in process in action:

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