1. Adding New Content

If you want to add content to a new presentation that hasn’t been used in Shaman before, you can add it by selecting “Add” on the editor page of the presentation.

You can upload slides either in PPT, PDF or JPEG; documents in PDF and videos in MP4 format.

Once you select the file for upload, it will be automatically converted. This process takes a while depending on the size of the file you are uploading (a PPT slide takes about 10 seconds).

During the upload, you can also add tags to the content to make it easier to find it in the Library later on.

Upload Slides

Add → Upload slides → PPT, PDF or JPEG → Browse

First you need to select which format you are going to upload. The presentation can either have a PPT, PDF or JPEG format. After this click on “Browse” and upload the file, or just drag and drop the file in the overlay area.

It is recommended to use the Standard (4:3) slide size, as this aspect ratio is visualized the best on the screen of an iPad or tablet. The Widescreen (16:9) size might not fill in the whole screen, leaving empty areas on the top and the bottom of each slide.

See how to change the size of your slides in MS PowerPoint here.


Upload Documents

Add → Upload documents → Browse

Uploading documents is even more simple. Once you found the “Upload documents” tab just click on “Browse” and upload the PDF you like, or drop it in the overlay.


Upload Videos

Add → Upload videos → Browse

Adding a video works the same way, browse the file or drop it in the overlay. Make sure that you select a MP4 file with a maximum size of 100 MB. After uploading and converting the video, you can add some tags to it.

The next step is to select a still (thumb) for the video slide. You can choose from three stills from the video or you can upload an own image (JPG or PNG with a size of 2048 x 1536 px).

The video will be added as video slide to the presentation and it will also be available from the Library now. Video slides in the overview can be recognized by being marked with a clapboard icon.


2. Finding the added content in the Library

If you have created presentations in the past and you already have uploaded content in the Library, you can easily reuse the same content in other presentations.

Add → Library → Slides / Videos / Documents

Go to “Add” and select “Library, now you will see all content stored in the Library pop up in a new window. Use the 3 main tabs on top to select the file format you are searching for.

Use tags and other filtering options to make your search easier. Once you found the slides you were looking for select them one by one and click “Add items” to add it to the presentation.

Would you like to add a way more slides? Select a whole presentation at once by selecting the empty circle on the left side of the presentation beside the date.

You can also select all elements by clicking on the “Select all” button in the right upper corner of the screen. This works best if you filter by tags beforehand.

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