What are HTML elements?

Various kinds of HTML elements can be used in Shaman to make your presentation more interactive. Use animations, interactive graphs, calculators or any other creative visualizations that will help to engage your client.

These interactive elements are created by developers or marketing agencies in HTML5 format, which is compatible with the Shaman platform. After uploading the elements to the Library, you are free to add them to any presentation you like.


How to upload HTML elements to Shaman Cloud?

Library → HTML5 → Add

HTML elements can be uploaded through the Library. Go to the Library, select “HTML5” from the tabs above. Click on “Add” on the left side menu, then choose to add HTML5 element.

Your HTML file has to meet some criteria to make it compatible with Shaman. The HTML folder must be archived in ZIP format, including the HTML file itself named as “index.html” in the route (1st level folder).

Good to know!
Due to security reasons, only the administrators in your organisation can upload HTML5 files to the Shaman Library.

Keep in mind!
The upload is blocked from unexpected file extensions. If you would like to have the latest list of extensions, please, contact us via email: info@getshaman.com

After the file is converted, you can set the default dimensions for the element. 1024 px is preferred for full width on the iPad screen.

You can also enable scaling the element, so you can easily customize the required size by dragging the borders of the element. However, this is not pixel perfect, so you can disable this option of needed.


How to add HTML elements to a slide?

Presentation → Edit presentation → Add → HTML5 element

Once your HTML elements are available in the Shaman Library, you add them to slides just like any other content.

Navigate to the presentation and click “Edit” on the slide where you would like to add the HTML. Click on “Add” on the left side of the screen, then select “HTML5 element”.

In the next window the Library should appear. Here you can browse among the HTML files and select the one you want to add by clicking on it.

After adding the HTML you can drag and drop it to the right position, and customize its size by dragging the border of the element.

If you would like to add more HTML files, you can add them on by one from the library. Copy or delete items by using the icons in the left upper corner of the element.

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