What are Multistate slides?

Multistate is a feature that provides a simple way to add more content and to bring more interaction into your presentation.

It allows you to add more content to a slide by creating a bundle of hidden slides behind it, and to link them to a certain element on the original slide. The hidden slides only get activated if the element is clicked where they are linked to.

This is a great way to split up information into smaller parts and to present it in an interactive way.

You can create interactive timelines, graphs, multiple-choice questionnaires, fold-out menus, and even more.


How to create Multi-State slides?

1. From the presentation view

Add Multi-State slides

You can group a slide by dragging it on top of another slide. First, click the multi-state icon at the bottom left corner of your presentation view.

Then you drag a slide on another one to create a group. Want to select multiple slides simultaneously? Then select the slides you want to group (except for the first one) - click Crtl (windows) or Command (Mac) and the selection boxes appear. Next, you drag all selected slides onto the slide(s) to create a multistate.

Example: create a pop-up

A common use case for multistate is a pop-up, like an enlargement of a visual or a reference. You can get this effect by following the steps on grouping the slides together in one multi-state as stated above.

In this example below, State 1 has 2 small graphs, pop-ups as State 2 and 3:

2. From the slide view

Add Multi-State slides

Open the slide that you want to extend with the Multi-State slides, then click on the yellow plus sign on the right side of the presentation canvas.

The Library will appear where you can select the slide you want by clicking on it. You can add documents or videos as well.

The Multi-State will be added as the second slide. You can switch between the slides by clicking on the yellow tabs on the right side of the canvas.

Sorting your Multi-Slides

You can reorder your grouped slides by clicking the edit icon on the slide (in edit s. Click on the sort icon.

The screen will then show all the available slides on the multi-state slide you created. Select the slides by clicking on the slide and dragging and dropping the slides to the order of your preference.

Keep in mind that a maximum of 20 Multi-States can be added to a slide.
Click the yellow plus icon to add more Multi States. Click the “Delete” icon next to the number of the slide to remove one.

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