How to add Speaker Notes?

Go to the presentation and open the slide where you would like to add speaker notes.

If you scroll down on the page, you should find the “Notes” field below the presentation canvas. Just click in the grey field to add your notes.

Later in the slide overview, you will see that the slides where notes are added are marked by blue conversation bubble tag.

The notes will be available for the presenter based on how you adjust the settings.

How to change Speaker Notes settings?

Presentation → Settings → Notes

Speaker Notes settings can be changed for each presentation. Open the presentation, select “Settings” and then click on “Notes”.


1. Default settings

The default settings are provided in a way that the Speaker Notes are visible both in the preparation and present modes, but are not added to the online handouts.

2. Include speaker notes only in the preparation mode

Use these settings if you want to make the speaker notes visible only in the preparation mode. This way the notes can be used as an aid for the preparation, but not during the presentation with the client.

3. Make the speaker notes visible in the online handout

You can also use notes to include information relevant to the client. So if you want to share notes in the handout to let the client read it, this option has to be activated.

4. Switch off speaker notes

If you want to use notes internally without sharing it with the presenter or the client, switch off all options. You will be still able to add notes to the presentation, but it will only be available via Shaman Cloud and not from the App.

After changing the settings don’t forget to click “Done” to save it!

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