How to upload new videos?

Presentation → Add → Upload videos

Go to the presentation, click “Add” on the left side menu and select “Upload videos”. After this, click on “Browse” and upload the video or just drag and drop the video-file in the overlay area.

After this, the video will be uploaded and converted, which will take a few seconds depending on the size of the file.

Good to know!
Videos only in MP4 format can be uploaded, with a maximum file size of 100MB.

Do you have trouble converting?
Please, send us the original video-file using a file-serving service like to We will convert and compress the video file for you.

You can also add tags to make finding the file in the Library easier. Click “Next” when finished.

Three thumbnails will automatically be offered to you. Choose one of these that you would like to see as a still thumb for the video slide.

Click “Done” to finish.

The video will be added as a video slide to the end of the presentation. You can find it as the last slide and drag and drop it from here to the position you like.

After uploading the video will also be available from the Library. Video slides are easy to spot by the clapboard icon on top of the slide.


How to add a video from the library?

Presentation → Add → Library → Videos

If you want to add an already existing video, you can do it from the Library.

Go to the presentation, click “Add” on the left side menu, and select “Library”. Using the tabs above select “Videos”.

Now all videos stored in the Shaman Library will appear. Use the filters and tags to fine-tune your search, select one or more videos.  Click “Add items” to add the videos to your presentations.

As usual, the added videos will be placed to the end of the presentation. You can drag and drop the video slides to the position you like.


How to change video settings?

Just like any other slide, if you want to access the Editing potion you need to click on the “Edit” icon on the thumb of the video slide.

Good to know!
You can create links from other slides to the video slide – but on a video slide itself, you can not create links.

After clicking “Edit”, you will see four different options on the left side menu: Content, Preview, Delete and Settings.

Slide Content

Presentation → Edit video slide → Content

Using the “Content” option you can change the content of the slide. Select another video or a different type of content from the library.


Presentation → Edit video slide → Preview

The “Preview” will take you to the preview section. It shows you the video-slide will look like during the presentation in the Shaman App.


Presentation → Edit video slide → Delete

Clicking on “Delete” the video-slide will be deleted from the presentation. However, it will still be available to add again from the library.

You can also delete a video-slide from the slide overview. Hover with your mouse over the video-slide you want to delete. The “Delete” icon will appear at the left upper corner of the thumb. Click “Delete”.


Presentation → Edit video slide → Settings

  1. Thumb / Cover image

Using this option you can change the previously chosen thumb. Choose from the three offered stills or upload your own custom image.

Click ‘Upload image’ to select a file, or just drag and drop an image from your computer to this area. Use images in JPG or PNG format, with dimensions of 2048 x 1536 PX.

2. Autoplay

By default, the autoplay option is off. In this case, the presenter will see the still video thumb and a play button on top to start the video manually.

Would you like the video to start automatically when the presenter swipes to this slide?

Turn autoplay on.

3. Destination slide

You can set a destination slide to go automatically when the video has ended. Turn the destination slide on, then select the desired slide or multi-state.

After changing the settings, don’t forget to click on “Done” to save changes!

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