The Products feature

This feature allows the user to add standardized products and product categories. Each presentation can be linked to one or more products. This way the captured meeting data will be possible to display per product in the Statistics.

Using the product feature helps you to compare and keep an eye on the performance of your products in a structured and easy way.

Learn more about how to create products and how to display them in the statistics!

Presentation → Settings → Products

1.  Homepage  &  Edit 

Go to the Homepage of ShamanCloud and click “Edit” on the presentation where you would like to add products.

2.  Settings

Open the “Settings” from the left-side menu and select “Products”.

3.  Select Products

On the next page, a list will appear containing all of created product. Check in the box beside each category that you would like to add the presentation to.

4.  Save

Click “Done” to save the changes when you are finished.

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