Subscribing users to a presentation

Presentation → Settings → Users

Presentations cannot be published until at least one user is subscribed to it. So, when you create a new presentation subscribing users should be the first step before publishing.

To subscribe users go to the presentation, then to the “Settings” and select the “Users” option.

Here you can see a list of the users from your company who have a Shaman account. The users’ role is indicated in the column next to their names.

Subscribe users by checking the boxes in the last column. If a user is subscribed, the box should turn green and a checkmark should be visible in it. Subscribe all users who you want to have access to the presentation, then click “Done” when you are finished.

Good to know!
Use the same method to unsubscribe users from a presentation. Just uncheck the box beside the name of the user who you want to unsubscribe. Click “Done” when you are finished.

Keep in mind!
If you subscribe or unsubscribe users, the changes take effect only if you publish the presentation as the next step.

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