What is a Smart Update?

Smart Update is an easy and efficient way to update existing Shaman Cloud presentations. It allows you to add, delete, or change content on the slides of an existing presentation and change it in just a few clicks.

When you upload a new version of the PPT Source File, the update automatically detects and replaces the slides that have been modified. The rest of the contents will remain unchanged. The structure of the presentation, links, and other settings that remain can be used as they have been set up before.

How to do a Smart Update?

1. Go to ‘Library’ and select ‘Source Files’

After you log in to Shaman Cloud, go to the “Library” and select “Source Files”.

2. Click the “Update” icon on the presentation source

The “Source Files” menu displays all the presentation source files that have been uploaded to this account. Hover with your mouse over the thumb and click “Update” on the presentation you want to update.

3. Upload the PowerPoint file

Click “Browse” to select, or drag and drop the new version of the presentation file from your desktop.

Make sure to use the same file that you have imported previously!
The Smart Update recognizes the changes only if you modify and update the same file you had previously imported to Shaman from your desktop.

Converting the file will take a few seconds long. Depending on the size of the file, it can take longer.

4. Add new tags

Add new tags beside the ones that have been previously used. Click “Next” when you are finished.

5. Confirm the changes

On the next page, you will see an overview of the changes that will take place. Click “Confirm” to accept the changes.

6. Go to the homepage and edit the presentation

Now you have to finalize the changes. Go back to the homepage of Shaman Cloud and click “Edit” on the presentation.

If you change the content (i.e. text) on existing slides, these changes should be visible immediately. Similarly, if you delete slides they are automatically removed from the presentation, so you have nothing to do.

However, if you add new slides, these are added to the Library – but you still have to manually add and find them a place in the presentation structure.

Open the presentation, click “Add” and select “Library”. Select the new slides and add them. The new slides are added to the end of the presentation, drag and drop them to the right place in the structure.

7. Publish the new version

After you are finished with editing the new version of the presentation, don’t forget to publish to make the changes visible to your account managers!

Click here to find out how to publish

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