Where to find the feedback question statistics?

Statistics → Meetings → Feedback

The answers given on each feedback question is recorded during the presentation. This data syncs with Shaman Cloud and appears in Statistics.

Log in to Shaman Cloud and select the “Statistics” menu on the homepage. Next, select “Meetings” to access the statistics collected about meetings.

Using the tabs on the top of the screen switch to “Feedback” to access the results of the feedback questions.

As feedback questions are generated separately for each presentation, you need to select one presentation by title using the drop-down menu.

Set a date range to define a period in time that you want to be represented by the results.


What do the statistics tell?

After selecting a presentation and setting a date range, you can present the result in two different views. The total number of meetings is always seen next to the date range filter on the right side.


The total view presents the aggregated result of the feedback questions in the selected time period. The average score for each question is presented in a column chart. Hover with your mouse over a column to see the data label.

Below the chart, you can see a list including the additional comments given to a presentation with a date of the presentation.

Select the “Show previous period” option, if you want to compare the results of your selected period with the preceding one. The average of previous results will appear in the statistics marked by a different color.

“Per question”

In this view, you can see the detailed statistics of each question. The yellow columns show the average of all given answers on one question, the purple ones show the distribution of answers.

Hover with your mouse over a column to see the data label. Scroll down to see the statistics of other questions.

The result from the previous period can be compared in the view as well. Click “Show previous period” to make results visible.

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