Presentation-specific Handout Settings

Presentation → Settings → Handout

You can customize the Handout settings of an individual presentation.

Open the presentation from Shaman Cloud, then select “Settings” from the left-side menu and click on “Handout”.

On the following page, you will see a list of all the options that can be individually adjusted for handouts.

Handout settings

User can create a new online handout

  • Yes – Presenters are enabled to create and send online handouts.

  • No – Presenters cannot create and send online handouts – only PDF handouts if that option is enabled.

Share online handout with client name

  • Yes – Presenters will have the chance to personalize the email in which the handout is shared by entering the receiver’s name.

  • No – The email containing the handout will be sent anonymously.

Update already sent handouts at republish

  • Yes – Presentations in already sent online handouts will be automatically updated when you publish a presentation.

  • No – Once a handout is sent, it won’t be updated even if the original presentation is changed.

Add a password to all online handouts

  • Yes – When an online handout is shared, the receiver will be able to access the content after giving in a password.

  • No – The receiver will be able to access the handout content without entering a password.

Viewer can download online handout as PDF

  • Yes – The receiver will have the option to download an online handout in a PDF format.

  • No – The receiver can access the content only as an online handout, it won’t be possible to download the content as PDF.

Save annotations and show in handout

  • Yes – Annotations made during the presentation (i.e. highlighting elements on the slide) will be added to the handout.

  • No – Slides will be sent in their original format without the annotations that were added during the presentation.

User receives handout as PDF

  • Yes – The presenter is enabled to send PDF handouts.

  • No – Presenters cannot create and send PDF handouts – only online handouts, if that option is enabled.

Set required content for handout

  • Yes – You can set up mandatory content to be included in the handout. Click “Select” and check in those slides that you want to include mandatory. Click “Done” when you are finished.

  • No – If you don’t want to include mandatory slides leave the number of selected slides on 0 or turn off this option by selecting “No”.

Accompanying text

In this field you can customise the text that is sent alongside a handout.

Click in the box and change the text the way you like it.

The text within the square brackets (i.e. [] ) is automatically filled in based on the client name that the account manager (presenter) enters when the Handout is created on the iPad or tablet.

Therefore, you should not change that part of the text.

Click “Done” to save the settings and don’t forget to publish!

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