Presentation-specific Handout Email

Presentation → Settings → Email

You can customize the email sent alongside a Handout for an individual presentation.

Open the presentation from Shaman Cloud, then select “Settings” from the left-side menu and click on “Email”.


Specific Email

Select “Yes” if you want to send a personalized email message with the handout of this presentation. The message boxes below will be activated and you can customize your message.

Leave the default option on “No” to send the default email message what is sent in any other case.


Email message

Click in the boxes to enter text. Add the subject and the body of the email.

The body of the email must contain a name field, where the client name entered by the account manager can be automatically added. Indicate this by adding “ [name] “ to your greeting.

Click “Done” to save the settings and don’t forget to publish!

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