General Handout Settings

Shaman Cloud → Settings → Handout

It is possible to customise the general settings for all handouts.

To access the options, log in to Shaman Cloud and select the “Settings” option from the main page. After this, select “Handout”.

On the following page you will find all the options that can be generally adjusted.

Preview Pages

Use the buttons to see a preview of how the handout, overview and password pages look like based on the current settings. Click the buttons and the preview will pop up in a new tab in your browser.


Personalize the online handouts by changing the colors of the page in which the handouts are presented. Click in a square to choose a color you like.

You can also replace the Shaman logo with the logo of your own. Click on the “Edit” icon to upload another image from your computer.

Password Page

Customize the text what the handout receivers see before they enter a password by changing the “Field Placeholder Text” field.

You can also change the text of the “Sign In” button.

Passwords can be enabled in the handout options separately per presentation.

Read more: Presentation-specific handout settings

Click “Save” at the upper right corner of the screen to finalize the changes!

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