Did you forget your current pasword? Or did your password expire after a defined time period? In both cases you can easily reset your password in 3 steps. 

Step 1 : reset your password
Go to shamancloud.com and click forgot password below the 'Sign In' button. Enter your business email (the one that is registered with us) and your account name.

Step 2: go to your mail box
Now you will receive an email within 5 minutes with a link to reset your password. Didn't receive a link? Go back to step 1 and make sure your email and account name are correct. If you do not receive an email after your second attempt, contact us at support@getshaman.com

Step 3: click the link and set your new password
Click the link to reset the password in your email. Type and retype your new password. That's all, your new password is created and you can login ShamanCloud (shamancloud.com) or on the Shaman app on your device. 

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