ShamanGo is designed for all marketers and agencies that want to prepare CLM content for Veeva. Veeva Systems is the leading CRM/CLM provider for the health care industry.

Veeva CLM content
Sales teams can present CLM content on Veeva iRep for face-to-face and remote meetings (Veeva Engage). This CLM content needs to be coded in html according to Veeva specifications. ShamanGo automates that html conversion process. 

Html conversion: taking care of the last mile
Use ShamanGo to instantly convert your static approved content to interactive html for Veeva CLM - within hours. No need to take your materials to a developer and wait for weeks to redo your already approved designs again in html.

A tool for marketers and designers
With ShamanGo, you can create interactive Detail Aids with multiple content paths / storylines by uploading and dragging content to the right place in our dimensional canvas. You can add links and interactions with a mouse click - no html needed. The CLM is based on your existing content files of different file types, you can’t edit content in ShamanGo.

And flexibility for developers - if needed
If you need custom interaction, like a calculator or a 3D rendering, you can add it. All you can create in html5 for the IOS web viewer can be added to ShamanGo.

Export to Veeva
When you are ready creating your Detail Aid, you can add Veeva information and export to Veeva Vault or Veeva CRM. You can use the Veeva APIs to export directly, or download the zip packages including the Veeva Multichannel Loader package or a customised package for your organisation.

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