We strive for a remote experience without installing plugins or apps. We designed Shaman Remote to work without any plugin, just by using the capabilities of the browser.

That means Shaman Remote only works on supported browsers - these are the most modern and common browsers. These are the available browsers: 

On a windows device

  • OS: Windows 7,8 or 10

  • Browser: Chrome (last 2 versions)

On a Mac device (OSX)

  • OSX 10.14 Mojave and later

  • Browser: Chrome (last 2 versions) or Safari (12 and later). . 

Mobile Apple device (iPad, iPhone)

  • OS: iOS 13

  • Browser: Safari (default)

Mobile Android device

  • OS: Android (9 and later)

  • Browser: Chrome (lastest 2 versions - default)

Known limitations for mobile devices
If the webbrowser is sent to background or the attendee receives a gsm call, the remote meeting audio/video connection will be interrupted. 

Can the presenter use all these devices?

Yes, but we advise to not use a smartphone, as the screen is too small to present comfortably. 

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