ShamanGo takes care of the conversion to html, what we like to call the 'last mile'.

Typically you start creating a detail aid in ShamanGo when your materials are approved by MLR.

An overview of the steps of creating the Veeva CLM:

  • Upload your content: You start by uploading your approved content, like a PDF or a PPT. You can also upload video's or PDF documents (like Product information and literature)

  • Structure and group content: You structure your content in chapters and groups. It would be great to discuss the options with your agency before Detail Aid design

  • Add links: You add clickable links and menu's (link templates)

  • Extend further: You can add your own html element like a calculator or use an element that we offer out-of-the-box (like: precall, live poll, price table)

  • Add Veeva information: Select all the required information for Veeva, and set-up your key message naming

  • Export: When ready you can see or share a preview. Then you export to Veeva Vault or CRM, using the configured sync or export as multichannel loader package with zip files

New presentation
Ready? Let's start by creating a new project in Shaman. Login Shaman and click 'new presentation' in the overview presentation page to create a new, empty presentation.

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