In this article, you will find some considerations for content creators like your agency when they start designing for Veeva/ ShamanGo.

Aspect ratio
ShamanGo is designed for iPad screens. That means that we retain a 4:3 aspect ratio of the content. If otherwise, the content will be repurposed for an aspect ratio of 4:3 (width:height), by adding horizontal or vertical white bars that will not distort the content.

For best visibility only use Landscape orientation. ShamanGo navigation directions are designed for landscape orientation.

Shaman converts file dimensions to 2048x1536px at 72dpi. If uploaded files are much smaller or larger, they will be rejected during the conversion process, due to quality restrictions.

For HTML elements, you can maintain a maximum of 1024x768px, which is the viewport for most iPad devices.

For video, we suggest you optimize for 720p, since this will give great quality at a modest file size.

File sizes
Shaman has specific maximum file sizes for various files:

  • PDF files: up to 50 MB

  • PPT files: up to 25 MB

  • Video files: up to 100 MB

  • Images for CLM: maximum size for .jpg and .png images is 1024px x 3072px

  • Images for email: we advise size for images with 100% width of 1200px (most email have content width 600px, for retina screens this means 1200px). We will automatically resize images larger than 1600px width to 1600px

Veeva advises keeping this content as small as possible, as it needs to be synced and downloaded by sales reps. FYI: Veeva Engage does not support video.


When uploading PDFs, the fonts will automatically convert. PPT conversion on the other hand may require additional fonts, which we can install. In case you see incorrect fonts or rendering, please send us the fonts you need so we can add them.

Video compression

Please compress the video (mp4 only) to optimize download times. We see a lot of videos that are unnecessarily large and can be compressed without quality loss. You can easily limit to size to 10 MB per minute of video, as a rule of thumb. If needed, you can send the video file for compression to Shaman support.

Interactive PDFs
You can upload interactive PDFs as PDF document. Although we do not advise this because you are going to lose history and reporting capabilities. All activities within one PDF document are registered as one key message. Some of the interactions will remain, but some interactivity may not work. Testing is required. In some cases, interactive PDFs cannot be converted by our conversion server. In that case please export it as an optimized PDF without interaction.

Add custom HTML

Want to create your custom HTML elements? The general rule of thumb is that most that work in IOS Safari work in Veeva iRep, as Veeva uses the native iOS UIWebView class. We suggest however always testing custom HTML. Read more about creating HTML files.

Veeva controls
When designing, please be aware of the controls that Veeva will add on top of the content. More information can be found with Veeva certified agencies.

When we advise testing, we suggest exporting the CLM to Veeva and testing it in the Sandbox on the iRep app on a real iPad.

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