What are HTML elements?

In ShamanGo you can add an external HTML element to your slide. This enables you to include any type of interaction you need, like an interactive map, a calculator or an interactive visualization.

Some examples of HTML elements are:

  • Animated graph or visual

  • Calculator

  • Patient builder

  • 3D animation

Example of a 3D animation:

Your marketing agency can develop these interactive elements in HTML5 format compatible to the IOS webviewer (IOS Safari).

When exporting to Veeva, we’ll automatically add the element to the zip package.

Adding an HTML element to a slide

Presentation → Edit presentation → Add → HTML5 element

Once your HTML elements are available in the Shaman Library, you add them to slides just like any other content.

Navigate to the presentation and click “Edit” on the slide where you would like to add the HTML. Click on “Add” on the left side of the screen, then select “HTML5 element”.

In the next window, the Library should appear. Here you can browse among the HTML files and select the one you want to add by clicking on it.

After adding the HTML you can drag and drop it to the right position, and customize its size by dragging the border of the element. You can also click the yellow settings icon in the HTML element to open a drawer with options to set dimensions and position.

You can add multiple HTML elements on one slide.

Uploading an HTML element

Workarea overview → Library → Tab HTML → Add

To upload an HTML element you need admin rights. To upload go to your library and click the tab HTML. Now you see the plus icon to add an HTML element in the left menu. Click add and upload your zip package (see below). Shaman will check the contents of the zip file due to security reasons. In case your zip file is not allowed, please contact us.

After upload you need to set the dimensions of the HTML element in accordance to how the HTML element was developed. You can also determine if you allow the HTML element to scale. This depends on the responsiveness of the HTML. The maximum dimensions are 1024*768px (full screen).

Creation of an HTML element

HTML elements can be custom created by any agency with HTML developers. We suggest to test custom elements on iRep in the Sandbox before distributing to your sales team.

Guidelines to create an HTML element:

  • you can think about the HTML element as an iframe on top of a slide

  • HTML element can consist of regular HTML files like html, css, js, images etc

  • zip all your files, make sure an html.index is in the root (if you zip the folder with the index.html it will not work, as the html.index is not in the root)

  • make sure all the content is included, as this needs to work offline. Do not use online resources like APIs or font services, they will not work offline.

  • maximum size is 1024*768, but we advise to not use this full screen as the user would not be able to navigate away from this page (gestures within the HTML element are reserved for the HTML element). Keep space for the menu with links or space to swipe

  • your HTML should be optimised for mobile/ touch. Make buttons and input fields large and optimize how to input data

  • your HTML should be optimised for IOS Safari

  • your HTML should be optimised for the iPad processor, iPadAir2 and up

Keep in mind!

  • Due to security reasons, only the administrators in your account can upload HTML5 files to the ShamanGo Library.

  • You should always test HTML elements on iRep (sandbox) on a real iPad before distributing to your sales team..

  • Important to note that you have to select all the files and not just the folder before compressing/zipping the file. Please refer to the image below:

Need help?

Shaman can also help to develop custom HTML elements on a global brand level that can be easily localized. ShamanGo can also help you with production through selected specialized partners (eg: 3D). Contact us at content@getshaman.com.

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