Meeting Canvas

One of the major challenges of sales meetings is to engage clients during a presentation. ShamanGo designed the meeting canvas to organise your presentation in a dialogue style. Read more about the steps to create this structure.

In short, the meeting canvas allows you to organise along your main storyline, which is organised in chapters. Per chapter you can add slides with more arguments or in-depth information to dive into the topic. That way, you can adapt the flow of the conversation to the clients' needs and interests and be relevant.

Drag & drop slides to the right place

To locate the slides all you need to do is to drag and drop them to the position you want it to be. By dragging and dropping you can move the slides both vertically and horizontally. You can enter the name of the chapter at the top of each chapter.

Create and name chapters

If you want to create a new chapter, drag the slide that you want to add to the main story line, place it between the two chapters, or after the last chapter, then drop it. A dashed-line will indicate the location of the new chapter.

It’s also possible to change the position of a whole chapter. Click the name of the chapter and drag the chapter to the right column.

Good To Know!

Always make sure to click the 'move' icon and not the 'multistate' icon when creating chapters.

Can’t get an overview of all slides?
If you need to see more slides in the edit view, you can simply use the zoom function of your browser.

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