Adding your Veeva Information

Before publishing (syncing) your new presentation, you will need to enter the required Veeva information. The information depends on your Veeva settings, but typically consists of:

Presentation related information, such as:

  • Product (dropdown)

  • Language (dropdown)

  • Country (set in account)

  • Franchise (set in account)

Slide related information, such as:

  • Slide name (text field)

  • Marketing code (dropdown)

  • Headquarter code (text field)

To add the required Veeva information, on the presentation view, hover on to the settings icon, a small vertical panel will slide out with options, then click on vault information to select it.

On this page you enter the presentation related required fields (*) for Veeva.

When you set content as training content, Veeva will add a watermark as training content. When you set start and end date, the CLM will be visible to end users only during that period (please consult with your internal Veeva coordinator for details).

For reporting purposes, you might need to add slide specific information as well. In that case, scroll down to see slide naming options. Depending on your ShamanGo settings and company requirements, you need to set a name for every slide and or a marketing code.

Please click 'Save' to store your changes.

Tip: Use the filters to find slides that still have missing data:

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