You can combine different content files in Shaman. One of them is the PDF document. Think about SPC info, Product/Brand information or articles from medical journals.

When you import a PDF as a document, it will retain its form as a PDF file and be accessible to the presenter as a PDF document.

When the user navigates to the page, they will see the cover page of the document and can click to open the PDF. Then the ShamanGo PDF viewer will open in Veeva and the presenter can scroll through the document.

This way the PDF documents are nicely integrated into the CLM. Idea: you can create one overview page with links to all the documents you want to include.

Adding a PDF file to your presentation:

Providing resources for your presentation helps you create a stronger argument for your product/brand. These resources often serve as evidence and are usually in PDF format. You can add documents such as these to ShamanGo to help you construct a more compelling presentation.

There are two ways for you to do this:

1. You can add an existing PDF document from your Library. You can do this by going to your presentation, hover to add, and click Library. From this page, click the Document tab and search for the PDF file that you would like to use on your presentation.

2. You can also add a new PDF document, as long as its an approved content by going to your presentation, hovering to the add button, and click upload documents. A window will appear, click browse, and from your computer, find the PDF document you want to add to your presentation.

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