The meeting canvas you create in ShamanGo will be available in Veeva iRep after you sync or export it. Every slide will be converted to a Veeva key message. We also convert the Meeting Canvas structure for easy navigation.


The first and often most used way to navigate is swiping. The presenter can swipe left/right to browse the main storyline, or swipe down to go further into the chapter.

If you are inside a chapter and you swipe right or left, you will go to the top slide of next chapter.


Links are a great way to navigate the presentation more precise and direct. Just click the link to move to the destination slide. You can use links for menu's, overview pages, relevant topics, questions, and much more.

Navigation view

ShamanGo will automatically disable the default Navigation Bar in Veeva iRep, as this represents a linear story flow. Instead, ShamanGo adds a custom navigation view, so presenters can quickly find content from the overview. This view includes your meeting canvas, including the chapter names. To go to the navigation view, presenters can tap the slide with a double finger gesture. Or you can create a button in your design and add the ShamanGo navigation link on top.

More content tip

When there is more content ‘below’ the current slide, the presenter will see an arrow.,

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