Houston, we have a problem. Access to Health Care Professionals (HCP) has plummeted. It has declined by almost 50% over the last decade. Of course, there are multiple reasons for this and some are outside our control. Like the increasing role of payers in the decision process, leading to stricter protocols and more focus on cost.

There is one apparent reason for the decline that we cán control as marketers. EPG media concluded in a research from 2013 that more than 50% of HCPs currently say

sales reps bring little to now value.

As a marketer, you can help sales reps and medical specialists to tailor your key messages and content to the individual needs and preferences of the physician. Add

more value and be more influential – at the same time. It's time to make your Aids Details More Intelligent.

Topics in this guide:

  • Your challenge

  • Use CLM

  • Structure like a story

  • Make navigation easy

  • Tailor delivery based on needs

  • Indivualize by adding questions

  • Make your pages interactive

  • Have multiple stories ready

  • One key idea at the time

  • Why sales reps do not like detail aids

  • Create a sales toolbox

  • The power of visualisation

  • Benefit from animations

  • Immersive content

  • Simulate and calculate

  • Monitor data: get insights

  • AutoSegment with your detail aid

  • Get insights from your call reports

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