You might have the need to show your fully interactive Detail Aid with a marketing, sales, medical or compliance colleagues before you export to Veeva. Or - when you are an agency - share with your client. For that you can create an online handout.

1. Do a final preview

You might want to check if everything works the way it should. Select 'preview' in the left side bar and walk through the structure and links to do a final check.

2. Publish the presentation

The first step is to click 'publish' in the left side menu bar. ShamanGo will now check if all information is set correctly, like links and Veeva information. If all is fine, you will see the logs of all previous exports. Click publish in the top right corner to continue.

3. Select export type

Now you select to export as handout. Click publish in the top right corner and the handout will be generated.

After a few minutes you will receive an email from Shaman with a link to the handout of the presentation, which you can forward or share with your colleagues.

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