When your presentation is ready, you can export it to Veeva. This article assumes you have the Veeva API connection set-up.

  • If you are using the Multichannel Loader, please read this article.

  • If you have a central person in the organisation that manages the sync process, please reach out to that person. Add the url of the presentation (copy paste it when you are in the presentation) in the email to inform your contact person.

What you need to have to do a Veeva API sync:

  • Set-up the connection

  • Have Veeva Vault credentials and permissions to (1) create a multichannel presentation in Vault and (2) have Veeva API permissions

When you are in doubt, please connect with your internal Veeva specialist or reach out to Shaman support.

These are the steps to do the export.

1. Do a final preview

You might want to check if every works the way it should. Select 'preview' in the left side bar and walk through the structure and links to do a final check.

2. Publish the presentation

The first step is to click 'publish' in the left side menu bar. ShamanGo will now check if all information is set correctly, like links and Veeva information. If all is fine, you will see the logs of all previous exports. Click publish in the top right corner to continue.

3. Select export type

Now you select to sync with Veeva. Click publish in the top right corner.

4. First time to connect? Enter your Veeva credentials

If it is the first time you sync you will be prompted with a screen to enter your Veeva credentials, needed to authenticate with the Veeva API. Otherwise, go to step 5.

If you click Connect and get a message saying 'Incorrect credentials', it means that the user name or password you are using to sync with Veeva Vault are not valid.

After the credentials are validated, you can store them. Please enter your Shaman password to encrypt your Vault credentials safely. This ensures that nobody but you will have access.

Continue to step 6.

5. Enter your Shaman password

When you entered your Veeva credentials before, Shaman will ask you to enter your Shaman password to decrypt your Veeva credentials for authentication.

If you receive a message saying 'Incorrect credentials', it means that the user name or password you are using to sync with Veeva Vault are no longer valid and you need to update them in Shaman. See: Update Veeva password.

6. Sync between Shaman and Vault

After authentication, the export process will start. You can see the progress in the screen:

ShamanGo will now authenticate, create (or update) the email with fragments or the the multichannel presentation.

After 1-5 minutes (depending on the number of slides) the process will be finished and the multichannel presentation will be available in Veeva Vault

Update your Veeva credentials

If you try to connect with Veeva and you get a message 'Incorrect credentials', you need to update your Veeva credentials in Shaman. You can update them by following the three easy steps below:

1. When you try to sync and see the pop-up message 'Incorrect credentials', click Update.

2. Add new credentials and click connect. Shaman will now validate your credentials. If they're not valid, you will receive an error message asking you to enter them again. Then click save.

3. Encrypt these credentials again by entering your Shaman password and click Save.

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