If you work together with an agency to optimize the impact of your Detail Aid, it will be beneficiary to educate them on the ShamanGo features before the creation and production process starts.

Agencies can help you to:

  • Develop materials that best use the features of ShamanGo and deliver a PDF (or other content filetypes) that you can convert with ShamanGo

  • Add your agency as a user to your ShamanGo account, so they can prepare the approved artwork in ShamanGo

Shaman certified agencies

Shaman works with partners that are Shaman certified. If you want to work with your existing agency to manage your projects in ShamanGo, you might want to provide them with a Shaman training. Please contact us for more information.

Getting started

If you want to brief your agency, you can share this collection of links with your agency to get acquainted with the ShamanGo concepts:

Preparing content for every state of the animation

When your agency prepares the artwork, they need to create a page for every state of the animation to make multi-states later in ShamanGo.

For example, if you want multi-states to click to open every of these 4 four boxes:

Expected content
You need to export every option to a page. In this case you need 5 pages for the effect.

Wrong content result
With exporting only 2 pages (all boxes closed, all boxes open), you cannot create the click open effect per box in ShamanGo.

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