You have selected a presentation, but during the meeting the participant has questions about another topic. No problem, with Shaman you can easily add a presentation during your Remote meeting.

Adding a presentation

If you look at the top of your slide, you see a tab with the new of your presentation. Next to it, you see a small tab with a (+) icon. To add another presentation, click the (+) icon.

Now you see all the presentations you have access to. Choose and click the presentation you want to use. Note: the participants will not see this.

When you selected the presentation, it will open in the navigation view. You can browse through and search the slide you want to share. Note: the participants will not see this.

Clicking the slide will take you back into presenting mode. Shaman Remote will load the new presentation for the participants, this will take 5-20s, depending on the size of the presentation and internet connection. All participants will see the selected slide. And you can navigate through this new presentation.

Changing back

Now you see 2 presentation tabs at the top. You can simple go back to the first presentation by clicking the first tab. You can have 5 presentation tabs open simultaneously.

See adding a presentation in action:

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