On the top left bar you see the duration of your meeting. After you have completed your presentation and wrapped up the meeting. You can end the meeting.

End the meeting

Click the end button seen on the top left corner of your screen to end the meeting.

Once you've ended the meeting, this will happen:

  • meeting room will be closed and all participants will be disconnected

  • participants will be redirected to a thank you page

  • you can wrap up and create an handout (if this option is enabled)

Thank you page

The "thank you page" will be customised and can include contact data from you and your company. The participant is informed that the tab can be closed.

Wrap-up and create an online handout

Your meeting statistics will be shown as soon as you end the meeting. Here you will also have the option to send out an handout by toggling the button. Read more about handouts in this article. Or you click Done to complete the meeting and to go back to your overview page.

See ending your meeting in action:

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