Tailor messages to needs, in stead of a one-size-fits-all presentation

Today the great challenge of sales meetings is to engage clients during a presentation. This is becoming more and more difficult, as each client has a different perception, and they will find different aspects of your pitch interesting.

The Shaman Meeting Canvas was developed as tool to create better structured conversations and more impactful sales meetings. How can you achieve this?

In the Meeting Canvas you can arrange slides into chapters. You can click through the chapters from left to right. We call this the main storyline. In a chapter you can drill-down to other slides. These should be slides that belong together in some way and the usually provide more in-depth information.

The idea is that you can decide on every slide if you need to continue discussing the topic of chapter and scroll down, or that you have a certain commitment and you can continue to the next chapter. When you go right, you will move to the first slide of the next chapter.

Clients will remain focused if you adapt the flow or the conversation to their needs and interests.


An example of using the meeting canvas:

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