After signing in you see the Shaman workarea.

Content owners see an overview of all presentations. Content owners can click to edit the presentation. Read more about creating presentations.

Sales managers see an overview of their subscribed presentations. They can click to preview or start an online meeting. Read more about presenting online.

You can find the right presentation quickly using the filters on the top, or ordering the presentations.

Shaman Menu

On the left side of the screen on every page, you find the Shaman menu.

You can always return to your workarea by clicking the Shaman logo.

When you are 'deeper' in the ShamanCloud, you can always go back using the back button below the Shaman logo.

On the Shaman work area page you have access to the different parts of Shaman:


The Library stores all your uploaded slides, document, and videos for later use. You have to visit this menu to update, replace, or permanently delete such elements.


Within the Personalize menu, you can create personalized presentations and meetings, containing information that you want to share only with a specific client. (NB: optional feature)


The Remote Meeting menu allows you to schedule online meetings that you can present via an internet browser to a client at a remote location.
(NB: optional feature)


The Statistics menu contains well-visualized statistics based on user, presentation, and feedback information.


In account settings, you can set global settings for the account and default settings for all presentations, such as handouts and general meeting options.


If you are an Administrator you will find the Users option beside the others. In this menu, you can add new users or make changes to their data if required.

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