What is a Shaman CLM extension?

Shaman offers bespoke CLM extensions; these are interactive elements that are integrated in Veeva CLM content that have the ability to interact directly with the CRM part of Veeva iRep. These elements extend the functionality of the CLM presentations.

Examples of Shaman CLM extensions are:

  • Pre-call: enables the user to individually prepare every call in advance by pre-selecting slides. Pre-call can also include content suggestions

  • Profiling: allows the user to profile accounts from the CLM directly, and summarize and show results in a visual way. Profile updates can be done either before or after the call by the user, or during the call with profiling questions in the Detail Aid pages

  • End: after the call you can enable a workflow for the user by suggesting to send a Veeva Approved Email, update the profile or select slides for the next call.

How to add Shaman CLM extensions?

Using ShamanGo, you can easily add available Shaman CLM extensions to any CLM page. You just upload the CLM content -eg a PDF- into ShamanGo, then you can place the CLM extension on top of the CLM page that you created. You add the CLM extension as an html element.

Implications for artwork creation

The CLM artwork needs to be prepared in order to be able to add CLM extensions. Here are some tips to take into account when you are creating or adjusting your CLM artwork for CLM extensions.

Review the existing CLM structure

How will you integrate the CLM extension (pages) in the existing structure? Will that impact your flow and navigation? Please consider usability of the CLM extension, for example:

  • Pre-call: as this element creates an agenda meeting, you might want to consider this page as start page. You might want to add a button to a 'quick start page' or summary page, in case the sales rep didn't prepare the meeting in advance

  • Profiling: usually the sales rep interacts with this page before or after the call, as this element includes HCP profiling data and possibly pre-call planning. You might want to keep this page out of the regular story flow that is used during the call

  • End: as this element involves steps after the call, you might want to place this either at the end of the story flow or also outside regular story flow.

Create additional pages

As the CLM extension sits on a regular content page, you need to create an additional page for every CLM extension that you are using. This page should include some navigation buttons (like a regular menu) so users can quickly navigate from this page. Please consider a placeholder space for the CLM extension. Also review the background color or image of your artwork. The profiling extension can render some text in white on a transparent background, consider using a dark background to ensure good readability. Read this article for general content considerations. For details on dimensions and layout of CLM extensions, please connect with support@getshaman.com

Add additional menu buttons

To quickly access CLM extension pages, we advise to add (additional) buttons to the global menu, so presenters can quickly access the pages with CLM extensions. These buttons should be added to every page with a regular menu if possible. You can extend your existing menu bar, or create an additional one.

Review slides if you use content suggestions

If you want to use the Pre-call extension, you have the option to include content suggestions. These suggestions can be based on the account profile. For example, you might have information on prescribing questions or barriers. Do you have slides with clear messages for these questions to suggest? And do you have enough content, ie do you have at least one message for every profiling option?

Implications for approval process

Adding CLM extensions can impact the MLR process. For the approval process, you might need to include the additional CLM (placeholder) pages that you create, and the MLR team might need a page-by-page description of the CLM extensions. Please connect with your MLR team for requirements.

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