Shaman Work Areas is a feature in Shaman for organizations with multiple content teams (e.g. in different countries, brand teams) that like to have separated content areas work but also like to work together.

The main benefits of Shaman Work Areas

  • Control who can view, edit or duplicate content in each work area

  • Showcase content from other areas to spread ideas

  • Duplicate content from one work area to another to be more efficient

  • Duplicate content to other areas for localization: this can include duplicating the related source files, which you can download, change and re-upload using smart update

  • Single console for central user management

Work Area Principles

Some Shaman Work Area principles:

  • Content is stored in one, separate work area

  • When you upload new content, it will be automatically stored in the work area you are in at that time

  • Presentations are stored in one work area

  • You can duplicate presentations from one work area to another. In that case, the related content, source files, and master files will be duplicated as well

  • Users can have access to multiple work areas

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