As a user, you can have access to multiple work areas. The content, however, is always stored in and accessible from one, single work area.

My workarea page

When you enter ShamanCloud, you see an overview of the presentations in (all the) Work Areas you have access to.

Above your work area, you see the Gallery bar, where you can view published presentations from other work areas (depends on your view permissions). You can click to view and duplicate them into your work area (depends on your duplicate permissions).

If you are a member of multiple Work Areas, you will see all the presentations of these Work Areas below in your overview. Simply select a work area in the filter to only see presentations from a particular Work Area.

Create a new presentation

When you create a new presentation (and you are a member of multiple work areas), you need to select the unit in which you want to store the presentation.

When you are editing the presentation, you will see the name of the work area in the left top corner.

Uploading content

All the content that you upload in this presentation will be stored inside the work area. This includes:

  • Converted content

  • The source files like PDF and PPT

  • Uploaded content like images, PDF document and video's

  • Master files like Indesign or illustrator

For more information on uploading content please check the section: Uploading content.

Adding users (Shaman platform)

You can add all Shaman users to the presentation that is associated with the work area. You can check out the article Subscribing Users to a Presentation to know more.

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