As an admin, you are responsible for creating, updating, and removing users. In addition to our general articles on user management and groups. we have some specific additions for user management when working in Work Areas.

Impact on configuring user roles:

  • for project manager role: additional permissions to view, create, edit and duplicate content

  • for the sales manager role: you need to assign the work areas, as sales managers can only be subscribed to content within the same work area

Permissions for a project manager

A project manager can be assigned to every individual work area:

  • Member: user has CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions to all content in the work area

  • View: user can view the content of the work area in the gallery

  • Duplicate: user can duplicate content from that work area to another work area, including source files and master files.

NB: view and duplicate right relate to the last published version of a presentation.

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