Should you even bother with visual aids?

Of course! Given their power to transmit information quickly and stick longer in one’s memory, visual aids are indispensable— particularly if that information involves multi-step processes or procedures.

ImageThink, a consulting firm aiding dozens of Fortune 50 companies, observes that:

  • 50% of all neural tissue links to the eyes (more than any other human sense)

  • Roughly 66% of electrical activity in the brain is spent processing visual input (when your eyes are open)

  • As many as 80% of people can be considered “visual learners”

Lead with the eye and the mind will follow

Visual-thinking guru and bestselling author, Dan Roam, explains the connection this way: "When we tell a story with pictures in a presentation, extraordinary things happen: People see exactly what we mean, we captivate our audience’s mind, and we banish boredom."

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