Web Screen Share for iPad

On the iPad, you have two options to use Screen Share:

NB: these options depend on the configuration of your Shaman account.

With Web Screen Share, the connection between the devices is established through an internet connection. You can either connect with another Shaman iPad or with any other device with a Safari or Chrome browser.

Bring Your Own Device

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) feature allows you to present on multiple devices that clients themselves bring to the meeting, like a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, regardless whether they have iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

Connecting devices is easy and fast. As a presenter, you need to start the Web screen share meeting. Once a connection with the Shaman Server is established, other participants can join. They can either join by scanning a QR code, or by typing a link in their browser.

Manage a screen share session
Make sure your customers have a device with fast internet connection (wifi or 4G, we do not advice 3G - it's too slow). Next, you start a web screen share session on your iPad.

Follow the steps below to start a screen share session:

1.Start a screen share session

Click the presentation and the screen share option to start a session

2.Establish an internet connection

The iPad will now try to connect to the Shaman server and start a web screen share session.

3. Web screen share session is live

Once the connection is established , a meeting room will be created and the session is live. Now other devices can connect. If you need to change to a local connection, click 'local connection' in the right top corner.

3a. No internet connection

When the iPad cannot connect to the internet, it will switch to local connection and try to find other iPads (Shaman App only)

4. How other Shaman IOS Apps join

If you have multiple iPads with the Shaman app installed, the other iPads will connect automatically and show up in the devices list (with type: Shaman app).

If the other iPads do not show up in the list, please consider:

  • iPad should have an active internet connection

  • Shaman App should be active

  • You should be logged in with the same Shaman user

4. How other devices can join

Your customers can join the meeting with their own devices and see the slides (full screen) on their browsers. There are two ways to join:

  • If the device has a camera, scan the QR code to join the meeting

  • Otherwise the user can open the browser and type the meeting url as displayed in the bottom left corner

All connected devices will show up in the list:

5. Start the meeting

When you are ready you can click start in the top right corner to start the meeting. All devices will see the content you are showing.

Go back to the connection list during the meeting

You can always go back to the web screen share overview page if you need to share the url or qr code again during the meeting. Go to the navigation view and click the Reconnect button in the top left. Once you are ready, click resume to go back.

Sharing Control During Presentation

You can give your listeners or participant the control during your presentations. You can either set-up the screen share initially with shared control, or you can do it during your presentation.

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