With Email Link, users can launch an approved email from a CLM page (during the call). This way, you make it easy for users to discuss and send email content during the sales call.

ShamanGo Email link

Use the email link in ShamanGo to create a clickable area that -once clicked- will launch the defined email template in Veeva CRM on top of the presentation. You can also define Email fragments to be included.

Use cases

You can add a link template for every email template you have created in Veeva on a CLM slide, for example:

  • Email on Product Information/ Important Safety Information (PI page)

  • Email Study / Article content (Study page, reference page)

  • Invite webinar on the Services page

  • Request form on the Services page

How it works

Add an email link
On slide edit page, you can select add > Email link

Now you select the clickable area. After that, click the edit button to enter the Veeva Document ID of the Email Template.

How to find Veeva email document ID(s)
Every Veeva Email Template has a (document)ID. You can find this in Veeva Vault Promomats. Login your Vault and look for the Email template Document. When you open this Template, you can find the Document ID in the url (after /#doc_info/):

In this case the number you need to add is: 64511

Add Veeva email fragment ID(s)
Additionally, you can include Veeva Email fragments in the email link. In that case, the defined Email Template will launch and selected fragments are included. To include fragments, you enable 'Populate Email Fragments'. Then you add a Document ID (similar as above, Email Fragments are also documents in Vault Promomats that have a Document ID).

Hit Enter on your keyboard after you add the ID. Now you can add another one:

You can add as many as you like:

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